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Is there compensation for participating in the study?

Yes! All participants will receive compensation for participating in the study! Parents will receive compensation in Amazon gift cards and children will receive a small gift.

where is the lab located?


                   Center for Clinical Services, Room 1433, Montclair State University

                   147 Clove Road Little Falls, NJ 07043

                   GPS Address: 35 Clove Road, Little Falls, NJ 07043

          The center has easy access to mass transit (via bus or train) and free parking is available             on-site. Please click here for detailed parking information and directions.

How can i set up an appointment to participate in a study, or learn more about your research?

You can book an appointment online to visit our lab here.

I have more than one family member that would like to participate. Can I sign up multiple family members?

Yes, we would be more than happy to have multiple members of your family participate!

However, due to the nature of our study, we are unable to accommodate testing more than one participant at a time. You will have to sign each participant up for a separate testing session.

How long does the study take?

The study will take place in two separate sessions. Each session will last about 60-90 minutes.


Typically, we perform both sessions in one day with a break in between testing sessions. However, if needed, we can split the testing sessions up between two days.

What if I (or my child) decide to no longer take part in this study?

You or your child are a volunteer! You have the ability to withdraw from this study at any point in time.

will I (or my child) still receive compensation if we withdraw form the study?

If you withdraw halfway through the study, you or your child will still receive compensation for completing the study. However, if you withdraw before this point, you will not be eligible for compensation.

Will my child be supervised at all times?

Yes, your child will always be supervised by either the lab director or one of the research assistants. There will typically be two researchers with your child at all times.

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