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The development of spatial abilities

"Our goal is to develop programs to improve people's spatial abilities."

We are studying how spatial abilities develop in typically developing children and people with intellectual disabilities. Spatial abilities are about how we interact with the environment, such as why we get lost in an environment. It is harder for some people to learn these abilities and we are looking to find out why.

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Your child will play different games as part of this study. Breaks and play-time will be given to keep your child from getting tired.

Parents/guardians are part of the study, too! You will need to fill out two surveys about your child.

You will be given different amounts of gift cards, ranging from $5 to $100  depending on the study. Some studies even give you a free tablet (worth of $75)!



This study has been approved by MSU's Institutional Review Board (FY17-18-834).

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